Iron Man

The last couple of weeks where very busy and I didn’t really had a lot of spare time… But I continued working (only forgot to post updates) and I am happy with the result so far! Yesterday I did a suit-up for you!  

Finally a new update

The lower body of the Iron Man suit is almost completed, I build the cod and glued it together with the abs. I didn’t really thought about how to open up the cod and abs, I now can open them on the back. It worked out pretty well I think. […]

Iron Man mark IV lower body

I already build the abs for my Iron Man mark IV cosplay but I wasn’t happy with the belly piece, so I decided to do this piece again.

Iron Man mark IV abs V2

Today I finished some pars of the costume, I wanted to put most of the parts together to get a better picture of the costume. So here it is I am really happy with the result and this gives me a lot of motivation to continue with the suit!

Iron Man progress

Iron Man mark IV abs
The abs of the Iron Man mark IV cosplay is only build in foam yet, I have to seal it with wood glue and paint it. I hope to finish it soon

Iron Man mark IV abs

Foam build I already had a helmet for my Iron Man mark IV suit, but when I started working on the first helmet I had no experience with EVA foam and what I had to do… So I started over and I also made the helmet 20% bigger. (the last […]

Iron Man mark IV helmet